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One-Tap Reviews

  • Supercharge your Google ranking

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  • Charge more for your services

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Drive More Traffic and Increase Sales with Seamless One-Touch Reviews!

  • No more awkward conversations to get reviews!

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Grow Your Business Through Reviews!

Make your business grow faster than ever by outranking your competitors on Google!

Easy Install 🤖

BlazeRate comes with a step-by-step tutorial video to help you install your personal Google link. It takes less than 2 minutes to set up and will send customers directly to your Google Review page so they can leave you a 5-star review!

Boost SEO 📈

Having many positive reviews is the most important factor in Google Search rankings. Having more reviews not only means you'll get way more customers, but you'll also be able to charge more than your competitors, since people will trust you provide a great service!

Compatible 🌐

BlazeRate is compatible with 95% of phones made after 2016. We use the same technology as "Apple Pay" or "Google Pay" for our one-touch reviews, so any phones that have contactless payments will work with BlazeRate!

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